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New Investment Platform Digital Coin Trade

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New Investment Trading Platform Digital Coin Trade (Review).


Have been a victim of so many bad online investment blunders, from AimBTC to Razzelton to even MMM, I can't count how many dozens of these p2p have tried as well.
The major problem factor with this kind of system is that they all DO NOT INVEST and only rely on the word of mouth of existing users whom unfortunately only get their money back from new members.
eg if you joined a system like MMM on the likes of adding a 30% interest on your investment (or donation as they call it) do you know that that 30% is gotten from new members or reinvested members money?
Let's use the rule of economics here, the law of demand and supply!
Now you keep pumping money into mmm and in this rule you must always have the demand always low for supply to actually reach all users.
if your PH which is the supply in this case gets low (total amount) and the demand (GH) gets high what do you think will happen?
MMM call it pause! well to me that spells doom as they are yet to pay back all their investors of 2016 till date, and cannot even do a refund but trying to get all sort of recommit and rules for their members to keep investing in the platform.

Now we have all this other fast track peer to peer HYIP platform all trying to beat the game on MMM with their 24 hours 100% return on investment....Now this is just an instant death penalty, why? because no matter what, if 10 new users put in 10k each they want 20k within the next 24 hours, is it not clear that the system needs to get x2 more investors to be able to provide this funds? and it keeps growing like that it the system cannot get any more new investors, it collapse and your money is gone.
This structure reminds me of a pyramid table where the first earners or investors always rip from such endeavours.

Now i'm just here to educate you a bit, am sure most have been burnt with one or more of this so called bitcoin or investment schemes here and there on the internet.
Bad thing is they ruin your relationship with close friends or those you just introduce such to. Well have scout the internet and was able to do my own digging on a latest launch actually.
The system is based on Trading! the platform is able to pay investors via the system it calls currency swap and swap trade. Investopedia defines swap trade as:
A swap is a derivative contract through which two parties exchange financial instruments. These instruments can be almost anything, but most swaps involve cash flows based on a notional principal amount that both parties agree to.

and wikipedia defines currency swap as:
A currency swap (or a cross currency swap) is a foreign exchange derivative between two institutions to exchange the principal and/or interest payments of a loan in one currency for equivalent amounts, in net present value terms, in another currency.

Digital Coin Trade is the name of the platform and to be honest with you they do have a lovely robust dashboard.
This dashboard enables users to be able to deposit funds into their virtual e-wallets ie if you don't have enough funds to buy into any investment you can actually save up on the platform.
Digital Coin Trade is not affiliated to the digital coin cryptocurrency and as such should not be mistaken as the same company.

They offer 3 investment system
1.) Investment plan
2.) Forced Binary Matrix
3.) Trading system

1.)The investment plan on the platform comes with a calculator that has compounding features for you to easily do the maths. It has a minimum cycle of 2 (60 working days) for all investment and every 30 working days you get your 30% remitted to your cash balance, which can now be withdrawn as bitcoin, dollar or Naira (YES Naira).
Mind you the platform has its own rate for its virtual credits which you must buy and use to execute deposit.
Investment plan are of 3 types, 1 full price, half price and one-third price of the platform digital coin price (which is never static but fluctuates with the live exchange rates of bitcoin/ see the live graph on dashboard).

2.) The binary forced matrix is quite simply and the cheapest investment found on this platform. all you need is to upgrade via your dashboard $100 (equivalent will be revealed to you when you go to funds and deposit).
and then make use of your referral links to get new referral downlines to register via your link they will now be assigned to you to fill your table of 7...YOU on top and two by your side and each two will get or you get total of 4 in 3rd level.
hence you cash out with 400$ (which you sell to the platform at their rates, rates are visually seen on home page of the website, mind you $ is just the sign given to the digital coin trade credit or currency).

3.) Trading is quite technical as you need to be very patient, 1 Digital coin is = the full price of investment plan and that the price is the buy price in USD found on the website home page. so if you want to sell you need to check the sell price from the home page to know if what you bought is worth selling, apart from that they have the bitcoin graph and coin value for digital coin to help you make sound decisions.
I personally like to use the sell usd rate on home page to make sound decisions.

These are 3 methods the system use to swap trade and execute currency swap to pay all investors of the platform and personally I think they are more real than others out there.
If you will like to have more information or visit the site please feel free to review it @ Digital Coin Trade

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