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How To Fund Instaforex Live Account in Nigeria.

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How To Fund Instaforex Live Account in Nigeria.

This post cut across How to Open a Forex Trading Account in Nigeria via Instaforex Nigeria Representatives, and you will be able to appreciate the professional support you will get from Instaforex Nigeria representatives.

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How to open live trading account with InstaForex?

Forex account registration only takes a few minutes and allows you to conduct trading operations in the forex market. After registration, you will receive the welcome bonus amounting to 30% of the money you have deposited to your account. You can use the bonus to trade financial instruments or invest in Forex projects.

This is what you need to do in order to open an account:

  • Accept InstaForex terms of the Public Offer Agreement. This agreement does not have to be signed in order to be binding; it is as legally valid as a standard paper contract.
  • Fill in the special registration form. After you have completed all the fields, you will receive the following information via email:
    • your trading account number (login) and trader password needed to access Client Cabinet. They are also used for conducting operations via a trading platform;
    • your phone password (keyword) used when you contact InstaForex specialists from Technical Support or Dealer Department;
    • your PIN code for confirming withdrawal requests.
  • You can start making deals on the Forex market after you have deposited money into your trading account for the first time. You need to do it within 30 days after account registration. The minimum deposit size is just $10.
  • Now you can set up a trading terminal on your PC, tablet or smartphone, and start real trading!

Still unsure whether you need to open a Forex account? Let us list a few of the benefits you get from working with us:

The following links are pages you can easily fund instaforex live account in Nigeria or Withdraw funds.

InstaForex Easy Funding and Withdrawal from all Banks within Nigeria.

  • Click on the following link to instantly Fund your InstaForex Account in Naira


  • Click on the following link to Withdraw from your InstaForex Account in Nigeria





For more Enquiries please call: Phone: +234 813 345 0038

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