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Instant Forex Account Advantages VS Other Forex Brokers.

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Instant Forex Advantages Over Other Forex Brokers.

Our advantages are trading terms offered to our clients. Which beats other Forex Brokers, Instant Forex Accounts provide customers with more flexibility and contol over their own Forex Trading Accounts with multiple added advantages over their pairs trading with other Forex Brokers.

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InstaForex company offers its clients an opportunity to work with 107 currency pairs, 34 CFD contracts on American shares, as well as to settle GOLD deals. We offer competitive and efficient spreads for each of these instruments. All these measures allow our clients working comfortably.

No analogue in the world- withdraw your funds directly to visa card!

InstaForex company is a first broker in the world, which allows its clients to withdraw funds from the trading account to the VISA card. By the way, it does not matter what bank issued the card. This service is a unique one due to the innovative decisions.

Deposit size

InstaForex company provides an opportunity to work at the foreign exchange market regardless of your capital turnover volume. All you need is to choose the appropriate trading terms for your deposit. We provide comfortable terms both for clients with 10 US Dollars and 10000 US Dollars deposits. Such approach ensures not only an opportunity to start working at Forex market with any amount, but also to increase accurately the investment volumes by means of raising your trading investment. Most of our clients began as a newbie with 10 dollars deposit, and developed into professional traders with deposits of dozen thousand dollars. You can become one of them!

Trading leverage

We offer you different leverage from 1:1 to 1:500 depending on the strategy type you use in trading. If you follow the long-term strategy and has a conservative view on the capital managing issues, then your choice is a classical leverage with ratio 1:100. In case of aggressive intra-day trading, your leverage ratio 1:500 will become irreplaceable instrument for profit generation.

Trading at Forex without spread

InstaForex provides traders with an opportunity to work at the foreign exchange market without spreads. It makes opportunities more flexible both for the beginners and for the professional traders. The lack of spread contributes to the visual perception of the trading processes and makes the use of technical analysis more efficient.

Best swaps among all companies.

InstaForex company offers its clients the most competitive swaps, rejecting the standard system of profit making with spreads against the client. InstaForex is the first company which is implementing a system of EQUAL swaps for sell and buy deals. The swap charge for a Buy deal is always equal to the swap charge for a Sell deal. The company does not charge a fee for the swap, as a result the client does not overpay when holds a deal for more than several hours in cases when a deal is happened to be opened at midnight.

Interest charge on the free funds

An interest rate in the amount of annual 6% is charged to every real trading account. The interest rate is calculated on the funds not used in trading. Due to the interest charge InstaForex clients do not need to worry about the negative influence of the inflation on their profit. 6 % of annual interest rate is charged to the InstaForex clients’ accounts at the end of each month.

Accounts without swaps- SWAP-FREE accounts

The Swap-free accounts service is produced for traders using trading systems without swaps, or for those traders whose religious beliefs prohibit the swap usage. This aspect defines the secondary name of this type of accounts- “Islamic accounts”. All trading terms of Standard and Eurica- type accounts remains in case of transfer to the swap-free system.
Investor’s account

Company InstaForex provides accounts not only for traders but for investors from different financial markets. By opening an investor’s account a client gains an opportunity to implement special indexes for margin and collateral, restrictions of maximum drawdown, and also maximum deal amounts. Additional options, which are used for investment account, allow to regulate trader’s and investor’s relations, which a brokerage company acts as an independent party in.

VIP- partner program

Any partner of InstaForex company has a chance to enter VIP-partnership programs, which have considerable advantages in comparison with the standard programs. Namely, double agent-reward and personal service system of the partnership account holder.


You can hedge the risks, caused by significant rates fluctuations, at Forex market only. InstaForex dealing center is one of the few companies which provide its clients with consulting services about hedging and implement programs aimed at hedging of the basic asset.

Service quality

InstaForex specialists provide technical support 24/7. The support is given to clients both trading at live and demo accounts. You can always rely upon competent consulting and receiving answers to all your questions, until you become experienced enough to start working with a real account. Major principles of InstaForex support service are efficiency, quality and politeness.

General principles of service provision

The key principle of InstaForex company is a support of the full range of services available for the modern trader. InstaForex clients are always confident that they will get well-timed access to all new types of trading services on the financial markets both at present time and in future. InstaForex experts constantly observe the brokerage service market and make all possible efforts to react immediately to developing trends. We always have leading positions in the field of innovation implementation by controlling the opponent’s activity, as well as continue regular work on establishing new contract types.

Segregated accounts

InstaForex company offers its clients a unique opportunity to join the service “Segregated accounts”. This service protects the client’s capital from the risks of any force majeure circumstances connected with the company’s activity. The concept “segregated accounts” in common sense lies in keeping client’s funds separately from the company’s funds.

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